The CAHPS® Databases

The CAHPS Databases are AHRQ’s repositories for data from selected CAHPS surveys of patient experience with care. The primary purpose of the CAHPS Databases is to facilitate comparisons of CAHPS survey results by and among survey users. The CAHPS Databases currently include data from the CAHPS Health Plan Survey and the CAHPS Clinician & Group Survey. 2020 is the inaugural year for submission to the HCBS CAHPS database and data available for reporting will be dependent on the number of contributions.

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To support the use of CAHPS survey results, the CAHPS Database offers several products and services:

  • Annual Chartbooks that present summary-level results for the CAHPS Health Plan and CAHPS Clinician & Group Surveys.
  • A publicly available Online Reporting System that allows users to view, print, and download custom reports of CAHPS Health Plan Survey or CAHPS Clinician & Group Survey results.
  • Private Feedback Reports provided to participating organizations that submit data to the CAHPS Database, comparing their own results to the overall Database averages.
  • Research datasets of de-identified data files that can help answer important health services research questions related to patient experience of care as measured by CAHPS surveys

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Learn more about Home and Community-Based Services surveys and guidance

Benefits of Participating in the CAHPS Databases

Participation in the CAHPS Databases is free and open to survey users that administer surveys according to CAHPS specifications. Users of the CAHPS Health Plan Survey, Home and Community-Based Services Survey and CAHPS Clinician & Group Survey who voluntarily submit their data to the CAHPS Databases:

  • Receive a Private Feedback Report in Excel that displays their own CAHPS survey results in addition to the results from the Database, including case-mix adjusted tests of statistical differences for each composite and question.
  • Contribute to a research dataset that is used to answer important questions related to assessing and improving the patient experience.

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