CAHPS® Health Plan Survey

The CAHPS Health Plan Surveys ask enrollees about their recent experiences with health plans and their services. This standardized survey was designed to support consumers in assessing the performance of health plans and choosing the plans that best meet their needs. Health plans can also use the survey results to identify their strengths and weaknesses and target areas for improvement.

To ensure that survey results are comparable across users, every CAHPS Health Plan Survey starts with a set of "core" items that everyone uses. Users can then customize their survey by adding supplemental items. Browse supplemental items for the Health Plan Survey

The current version of the Health Plan Survey is 5.0. Version 4.0 remains available for use, but it is no longer collected or reported by the CAHPS Database. Learn more about the Health Plan Survey.

The CAHPS Database collects and reports only the core instruments for the Medicaid Survey 5.0 at this time. Review the core instruments by selecting the PDF links.

Learn more about submitting data to Health Plan CAHPS.