CAHPS® Online Reporting System

About Aggregated Data

The CAHPS Online Reporting System presents results for two surveys: the CAHPS Health Plan Survey and the CAHPS Clinician & Group Survey (CG-CAHPS). Data are available for composite measures, rating measures, and individual survey items, organized according to survey version and field period.

Key features of the CAHPS Online Reporting System include:

  • Top Box Scores: The percentage of survey respondents who chose the most positive score for a given item’s response scale.
  • Frequencies: The distribution of scores for all response options. Users can run custom displays by selected respondent and plan (HP-CAHPS) or practice site (CG-CAHPS) characteristics.
  • Bar charts: A graphical distribution of survey results that shows the top, bottom, and middle response categories.
  • Percentiles: The percentage of health plans (HP-CAHPS) or practices sites (CG-CAHPS) that scored at or below a particular top box score.
  • Report Builder: Users can create and download custom reports.
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