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Comparative Data

About Comparative Data

Welcome to the CAHPS online reporting system for reporting CAHPS survey results. The CAHPS Database is a repository for data from selected CAHPS surveys. The online reporting system contains comparative data for the CAHPS Health Plan (HP) Survey and the CAHPS Clinician & Group (CG) Survey.

Key features of the CAHPS online reporting system include:
  • Top Box Scores display the percent of survey respondents who chose the most positive score for a given item response scale.
  • Frequencies show the distribution of scores for all response options and allow users to run custom displays by selected respondent and plan (HP) or practice (CG) characteristics.
  • Bar charts display a graphical distribution of survey results that show the top, bottom, and middle response categories.
  • Trending (HP only) displays results across the two most recent years of data for composites, overall ratings and individual items.
  • Percentiles display the percentage of health plans (HP) or practices sites (CG) that scored at or below a particular top box score.
  • Report Builder allows users to create custom downloadable reports.

Organizations that administer the CAHPS surveys according to the CAHPS survey specifications are welcome to participate in the CAHPS Database. Organizations that contribute data to the CAHPS Database receive an Excel report that displays their own results compared to the overall database average.

For further information contact the CAHPS Database
Phone: 888-808-7108


NEW: 2017 CAHPS Health Plan Survey results are now available in the CAHPS Database Online Reporting System.

2016 CAHPS Clinician & Group Survey results are now available in the CAHPS Database Online Reporting System.